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The Oak Ridge Boys | People Of Country Music

 Joseph S. Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys | People Of Country Music


When I was a girl, my mom and I would jam out to The Oak Ridge Boys at the top of our lungs, singing every word to every song of every album.  1980’s and 1990’s country music made a gospel loving, bluegrass listening, story-telling twang believer out of me!  If you have the same love of country music you can relate. If you don’t love country music, or didn’t listen during the time “when country wasn’t cool,” it’s not to late to start!  It’s not too late to become a fan of these artists that have been inspirational and paved the way for country music on the radio today.

There is a passion in every musician I meet, whether they have already made it to the top or they are struggling to get to where they’re supposed to be. It’s magical. Joseph S. Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys is one of those inspiring people in music that has done it all and is constantly re-inventing himself along with his pals, the Oaks.

It was a real treat to spend time with “Ban-Joey” who has become a great friend of mine throughout my years of photographing musicians in Nashville.  When Joe Bonsall accepted my invitation to be a part of my People Of Country Music series, I was honored.  As one of the first interviews in this series, it was simply apropos to have one of The Oak Ridge Boys. The Oaks were one of my first favorite artists to photograph in Nashville long ago when I was just beginning in the Music City town.

This Oak Ridge Boys member walks in with a huge hug for me, a contagious smile, and a sweet story about his friend for whom he had just written a little essay on his blog. The Grand Ole Opry artist, Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, and accomplished author is nothing but warm and wonderful to chat with.  And hilarious!  Watch or listen to our video podcast to hear all about the banter between Joe and Blake Shelton!  Hear all about the friendship that formed long ago with the Oak Ridge Boys and Johnny Cash. Do you know what act was the very first arena tour with full production?  Get a little insight into what it’s like to have worked with Little Big Town, and and what FUN they bring to the stage!  Also, hear about a beautiful love story between a husband and wife during World War II; a man decorated with honors and saved by true love, Bonsall’s parents, GI Joe and Lillie.

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