Ceci New York (part 1) | People Of New York

Ceci New York (part 1) | People Of New York

People Of New York | Ceci New York (part 1)


One of my great wedding industry friends sent me a text message and said, “Oh my gosh. Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York is my wedding industry inspiration!  I cannot wait to watch your series with her!” Well, Ceci Johnson is definitely one of my top stylish-designer-powerful-women-entrepreneur-conquering the world inspirations as well! From meeting Ceci Johnson at an Engaged Summit  at The Breakers in Palm Beach over 6 years ago, it’s been fascinating to watch where this woman has taken her business.

To prove how incredibly resilient, strong and inspiring Ceci Johnson is I will share a little story with you post our interview. Just two days after our interview session, on September 17, 2016, an incredibly awful person detonated a bomb right outside of the Ceci New York location. I watched back our raw footage while editing and could not believe that the very window in the background of this interview was smashed to pieces by horrible human beings trying to break the spirit of New York and people like Ceci.

It is in the days following that I was even more inspired by the grace in which Ceci Johnson and the Ceci New York team handled such devastation. Resilience is one of the most admirable qualities and contributes to why she is such a strong human being and incredibly respected in our wedding industry.

In honor of National Podcast Day, I am so excited to share our very first episode in the People Of series, People of New York. I cannot for you to watch or listen via iTunes to Ceci sharing her story. Even if you are not a wedding industry professional, I promise that you will be so inspired by this hard-working, creative, and wonderful woman in business!  

There are going to be two parts to this interview, so stay tuned for another incredible conversation, inspiration People of New York, and more!  

I would like to extend a huge thank you to John McGall of John McGall films for driving through the city of New York (which people of New York or anyone who has visited the city knows what a feat that actually is) to film and assist in editing of this podcast. Another huge thank you to Jessica Lindsay Parker for dolling us up! Jess is such a great friend who did my make up and Ceci’s make up and hair for this interview!

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