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#100BucketList | Sara’s List

Sara’s #100BucketList – Join In!


Here’s the thing.  I am a dreamer.  I have always been.  I believe in God and I believe in unicorns, rainbows, pink and sparkles just as equally as a 5 year old girl.  Sure, there’s a Peter Pan “never grow up” attitude I’ve always had, but is that really a bad thing?  Admitably, this carefree spirit of mine has lead to a few life decisions personally that have been hurtful to myself and others over the years, that I am very sorry for and wish I could change.  I’ve learned most recently that you can be a dreamer, but it’s most important to make sure your dreams are not selfishly dragging others along in a negative way to make those dreams a reality.


I imagine there is a legitimate fairytale creator in my head who works in a little workshop in my brain, coming up with outlandish goals and star-fetched-accomplishments that may seem unrealistic to the average human, but to the Tinker Bell fairy flying around up there, they are highly plausible and very realistic expectations.


I was recently having a conversation with God, and in that conversation I heard him say loud and clear, “You can keep dreaming, Sara and you can grow up at the same time.  I have given you a gift to ‘Make Things Happen’ and they will.  You simply need to make them happen in a way that is helpful to others (and yourself), not hurtful.”  That very real conversation with God was the night before hearing this Bucket List “What are you going to do before you die” presentation by Ben Nemtin from The Buried Life.  Pretty cool timing, right?  After hearing the presentation, maybe I went a bit overboard with my lofty goals of a once-a-day post about the 100 Bucket List goals I have, but I do want to come up with 100 things!  I do want to put this entire 10 years of “living my best life, but not in the best way” behind me and start with a beautiful new decade at the beginning of 2020.


I had a dream of sharing with you daily a Bucket List item.  That was on Thursday.  I even had my incredibly amazing (and super PATIENT with me) website designer friends, Wald Creative, immediately create a page on my website www.sarakauss.com/sarasjournal to give me a spot to put all my thoughts.  My dreams don’t always coincide with reality, right?  Well, the reality is, posting a photo every day with a thoughtful caption about my dreams, not sounding selfish and trying to get my point across in typed word, isn’t really possible.  But, Ben Nemtin said that if I put my dreams out there, they will come true (so does God) if I also help someone with a dream of theirs once one of mine is checked off.  I really like that!  I also wanted it to coincide with 100 days left of this decade.


Here’s the balance I came up with.  I will post my introspective thoughtful #100BucketList items as I can and share with you, whoever is interested 🙂 I will post these when I can throughout the rest of this quarter of 2019.  They may be one at a time because I have a fun photo, meme or story to go with that individual Bucket List item, or they may be a bunch at a time.  I’m not putting unrealistic parameters around this project so I can realistically make it happen.


Here are a few more #100BucketList items of mine:
#93: Do something I’m afraid of with confidence and expertise (scuba dive deep waters, ski a double black diamond, speak in front of 20,000 people)
#94: Make a TED Talk about Hope
#95: Win a nationally recognized top honor for a visual I created (photo, film, documentary)
#96: Photograph each of the 7 Wonders of The World
#97: Photograph a 3 day long+ Indian Wedding in India (must have elephants!)
#98: Photograph the Super Bowl  (coincidentally, this has always been a dream of mine and goes in line perfectly with my first #100BucketList item of photographing a Book Cover (see Shaquem and Shaquill’s Book Cover Link) – so when the Seattle Seahawks get to the Super Bowl and I will be on the sidelines with my pink rhinestone camera


As I post, if you’re following along, I would love to know a goal or a dream or two of yours.  Ben Nemtin says these have to be adventures, events or goals that do not have a limit.  Imagine you had all the time in the world to make this happen, you had a billion dollars to financially fund this project, and you had NO ONE telling you, “It’s impossible, don’t dream that.”  I’d love for you to share your Bucket List item here so that I can and others can see your dreams.  I cannot make each of your dreams happen, but maybe, just maybe if we all work together and see what each other’s actual goals are, maybe there’s someone that will read your dream and be able to help you with yours!  If we make a community of Bucket Lists and we work together, maybe we can solve the problem that is deep in our world of needing to care for each other.


…lastly, I was all ready to make this post today, on #MotivationMonday. And heard of the passing of a great music industry person in Nashville, Busbee. I didn’t know Busbee personally, but have a bunch of friends who have written with him, produced music with him and have a story of his kind heart, authentic spirit and overall greatness. Busbee was a modern day legend and the world lost a great creative. I kept all the text the same as I had previously written, but just wanted to give a little shout-out to that guy in heaven that I know touched so many lives. I imagine the angels are grateful you are there to produce the music they’ve been singing for so long and write the songs that have been on their hearts that they just couldn’t find the right words to say. To your dear friends and family, I am so sorry for your loss.

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