WPPI Speaker

WPPI Speaker

WPPI is an amazing networking / learning seminar for photographers.  It’s every year, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, and I’ve attended for the past four.  Each year, their photography attendance increases by leaps and bounds, this year, I heard rumors that over 16,000 photographers attended!  That’s just incredible!

Each year I’ve made new friends that have made me want to be a better person and impacted my business in a dynamic way!  I’m so thankful for those people.  This year, my new best friends included (but not limited to : ) JP & Kris Ann Elario, Dale & (soon to be a Mrs 🙂 Meredith Benfield, Lindsey Adler, all my new Minnesota photographer bffs, and the adorable Jamie Schultz, also, I spent a very fun evening at Studio 54 with the incredibly talented JB & DeEtte Salle 🙂

This year, just like the last few, was an experience I will never forget!  It also, was a mini-dream of mine to speak at WPPI and the exceptional print lab, I use, Millers Lab asked me to do just that!  I was incredibly nervous in front of all of my peers, but somehow managed to survive, not pass-out during my presentation and actually get good feedback from the audience!  To help my nerves a bit, I asked one of my best friends in the photography world, Josh Newton (http://joshnewton.com) to speak with me.  Josh is from the west coast of California, I’m on the east coast of Florida and we’ve combined forces on many projects in the past!  Most recently creating a wedding workshop for photographers, called Faux/Tographers (http://faux-tographers.com).

(A huge thank you to one of the most creative geniuses in photography I know, Montana Dennis, for shooting our presentation photos)

Overall, WPPI 2011 will be one of my favorite’s to-date, but I’m sure that’s only because 2012 hasn’t happened yet 🙂

Here’s a few photo-highlights from the 5 days in Las Vegas!  Enjoy 🙂

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