Thomazeau, Haiti : Live Beyond : Day 1

Thomazeau, Haiti | Sara Kauss

Thomazeau, Haiti : Live Beyond : Day 1

These are my journaling’s from our 6 days in Haiti.

Day 1, Thursday

Today we embarked on the most incredible journey. Nervous and excited with what would be ahead Zak and I left Miami and headed to Port Au Prince on a mission to film a Parasol Production documentary in Thomazeau, Haiti, with an amazing filmmaker friend of mine, Brian Canaday and new friends, the Andrews Family, Pete Fisher, the Hamilton Family, Mandy Johnson, Betsy and Don Miller, Elizabeth Lyod, the Upkins Family and Jamie and Scott McPharson.

Before landing, we flew over Haiti and could already see the destitute of where we were about to be. Brown, indistinguishable plots of land. We were about to land in a world we have never been before.

When we arrived at thePort Au Prince airport, we were greeted by the super smiley, Dr. David Vanderpool and Jack Locke after getting our luggage. With their assistance and the help of our driver we hopped on a bus and set off to the Live Beyond compound in Thomazeau.

Dr. David Vanderpool shared all about Haiti, the history, and what Live Beyond is accomplishing in this town the entire way. It was so neat. Dr. Vanderpool is an incredible wealth on knowledge doing amazing things.

We drove through the land, saw the poverty everywhere and learned the effects of the earthquake, government in Haiti and had a scary understanding of the Voodoo practices some of the Haitian people participate in.

Already the adventure is amazing. We were greeted with warm hugs and an immediate sense of safety by Laurie Vanderpool, David Jr. and Devin as well as others at the house on the Live Beyond compound. Looking forward to starting this week!

To be a part of the incredible work Live Beyond is doing, I would strongly recommend you check out

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