Storme Warren California Photoshoot

Storme Warren California Photo-shoot

Storme Warren California Photoshoot

You know Storme from GAC’s Headline Country and Sirius XM Radio’s, The Highway! Storme is probably one of the best interviewers’…he always makes everyone feel so comfortable and his knowledge and love of Country Music is astounding. Ask this guy anything about Willie Neslon to Lady Antebellum, he knows all the facts.

Ever since CMA Fest, we had been talking about updating his head-shot photos. So, while I was out in California for Grammy Week, I saw on Twitter Mr. Storme would be there too and told him we had to do a photo-shoot! He needed a new head-shot, badly. So, off we went, at Sunrise one morning in the pretty California Light, in Huntington Beach. Here’s a couple of my favorite images from the shoot…

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