Savannah Jack | Country Music Band Photo Shoot

Savannah Jack | Country Music Band Photo Shoot

When creating a concept for an album cover for musicians, the first step is to listen to the artist music…understand who the artist is and talk about the concept they’re thinking. Take the music, the artist input and get to work!

Jay Darby called and asked that we put something together unique for their band, Savannah Jack, something that represented their rockin’ country sound. Savannah Jack wanted a few live shots and promotional photographs to use in their website re-branding.

We set to work on developing a plan! We had a super short time-frame between the guys tour schedule and my time in Nashville to make a live shoot and promo shoot happen. I went to work scouting, lining up hair and make-up (the fabulous Lindsay Doyle) styling (by the amazing Haley and Ryan Hoover) and SKP assistants for the day. Scouted the locations around Nashville, to try and shoot something that hadn’t been shot before in this over-photographed music-city town! That was the main challenge for me artistically, to create an image for Savannah Jack that was unique to them!

For the live shoot, we photographed at The Stage on Broadway in downtown Nashville. What music photographer doesn’t love the energy of this old-fashioned country bar in the heart of music city?! The crowd is always awesome, from Nashville tourists seeing Savannah Jack for the first time, to Savannah Jack’s long list of loyal fans, the bar was PACKED.

The day of the album shoot, we photographed at the pedestrian bridge downtown Nashville, down by the Cumberland river with the city skyline in the background and a couple obscure parking garages! Michael Bostic and Mariah Doolittle were incredible amazing shooting behind the scenes, holding lights, running to Starbucks! Lindsay Doyle and Ryan Hoover with styling and hair and makeup seriously rocked the shoot.

Awesome day, amazing shoot, and creative cool images! Thank you to everyone involved in the shoot and Savannah Jack for entrusting us with capturing your emotion as a band!

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