Sarah Darling | Little Umbrellas Photoshoot

Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling | Little Umbrellas Photoshoot

We photographed Sarah Darling back in 2012 in California. At that time, she had just written the song Little Umbrellas with Rob Crosby and Doug Johnson. Sarah played Little Umbrellas for me and immediately I had a vision for the photo-shoot, hoping it would be a song she released!

To my happy-creative-heart, Sarah’s management called and asked if we could arrange a photo-shoot for the new song she was releasing to radio…Little Umbrellas! Yes!!! We set off to create the image I had dreamed up over a year prior. Little Umbrellas probably one of my favorite summer time songs ever, with a happy, carefree feel and easy-going lyrics, I couldn’t be more excited to have been a part of the imagery!

Make sure to download Sarah Darling’s Little Umbrellas on iTunes!

Huge thank you to Jondie Boutique for styling and wardrobe! As well as great friends of ours for the use of their amazing home.

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