Nashville Wedding | Kasey & Drew

Kasey and Drew | Nashville Wedding Photographer | Sara Kauss Photography

Nashville Wedding | Kasey & Drew

We love weddings, and we love Nashville, so when a Nashville wedding comes our way we’re in heaven! The adorable Kasey and Drew’s wedding day was sweet and perfect, from the church ceremony to end-of-the-night fireworks show! Kasey was kind enough to share with us their sweet love story and some fun, unique details about the day.

(The short version) of Drew and Kasey’s Story

I met Drew when he moved to Nashville through the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, he was working doing their events and my family was involved volunteering for the organization. Drew stayed good family friends and when I moved back home after college I needed some work while I was looking for jobs. Drew needed some help with concerts and I jumped in. This transitioned into doing some design work and eventually a full time job with Harbor Entertainment. Through all of this work together we got to know each other better and he became on of my best friends. That friendship turned into more on New Years Eve of 2013 and we started our journey together. I knew I would marry him the second week we were dating and I found the most amazing person in the world for me.

The Nashville Wedding Day!

We did all the wedding planning ourselves as Harbor Entertainment. Doing events we planned it just like we would any other event, it just had more intricacies of people attending than a normal corporate group. Drew did alot of the advance work and coordinated all lighting, sound and staging. I designed the invitations and wedding website, did the room design for the ceremony at Vine Street Christian Church and the reception at ACME, made the flower girls skirts and baskets, and picked all the clothing colors. We handed the event off the week of the wedding to the only person I trust- Tiffany Thompson. Tiffany has been one of Drew’s closest friends since he moved to Nashville and called us being together long before we were, she was dead on!

My dress was custom designed by myself, my mom and the girls at White Dresses. We combined two Haley Paige dresses and added that pink layer of tulle. We also added the patch from my grandmothers and my mom’s dress inside the dress. My veil was made by White Dresses from the extra lace they cut off from the top half of my dress.

The bourbon was a creation by our good friend The Whisky Dog (Nicholas Pollachi). He does high end whisky tastings and has a crazy whisky “library” so he made me a blend that includes important dates to us– the years we were born, the year we met, starting dating, etc. It also has a 52 year Macallan for “growing old together” and some whiskies from around the world since we love to travel. The glass I got to go with it was engraved with our favorite line from a Sturgill Simpson song. “The most outlaw thing I’ve ever done is give a good woman a ring.”

The pastor (Dr. Bill Stepp), florist (Flowers by Phillis) and photographer (Sara Kauss Photography) and are all close friends of Drews and came up from West Palm Beach, Florida just for the wedding. I have never met someone who is immediately such a genuine and amazing friend to all he meets like Drew, it’s one of the things I admire most about him. All of the people in his life had absolutely no hesitation when we asked them to be a part of the wedding even though it meant traveling. The pastor was Drew’s pastor from his church growing up and has known him since before he was born. The florist was one of his groomsmen’s mothers that generously came to Nashville the Thursday before the wedding and built all of the pieces by Saturday! You know the photographer, she’s kind of a big deal and superstar amazing!!

The church was an important part of the wedding to us. Drew’s mom Gay is an organist and pianist (where he get’s his musical talent) and I knew she had to play for the wedding. The organ at Vine Street was perfect and at the front of the church so she had a front row seat.

The band for the wedding is our good friends The Chris Weaver Band. They actually helped us determine the date, they were available Jan. 7th and so that was that! They create the best party I know and I had to have THAT party for the wedding. Premier Global Production gave us the amazing lighting for the reception.

The wedding tie in with the fireworks is a nod to our dating anniversary (new years eve) and Drew’s love of fireworks. Drew is a licensed pyrotechnician and works with Pyro Shows and E1FX in his “spare” time to shoot effects. He also builds some custom effects units that he and my dad designed. The second line before the fireworks with the umbrellas and handkerchiefs comes from my family- my mom is from New Orleans and my Aunt and Uncle that still live there sponsored that. It is a traditional thing in weddings down there and it helped keep the party moving even outside to the street for the fireworks.

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