Lilly Pulitzer | Commercial Photographer

Lilly Pulitzer | Commercial Photographer | Sara Kauss Photography

Lilly Pulitzer | Commercial Photographer

Lilly Pulitzer once said, “Happiness never goes out of style.” She was so right, and this mantra resonates through her brand! Working with the Lilly Pulitzer team means so much more than just photographing for a fabulous brand. A brand doesn’t get to be this successful with this much of a following without AMAZING humans working behind the brand, and that is the secret to Lilly Pulitzer.  The girls that are on Lilly’s creative team are full of fabulous ideas, vision and a work ethic that is unmatched!  They are the most supportive women in business and I am honored to have been a small part in such great projects.  Each shoot is truly a “shared project” where we all freely brought ideas to the shots and everyone on the shoot can take “credit” for these images made in this blog post. That is a true collaboration, and let me tell you, that sort of magic on a shoot is rare.

Creating photographs for an iconic fashion brand like Lilly Pulitzer is much more than taking images. It is about the people in the images and the people seeing the images. The shots have to evoke emotion, tell a story, and create a lifestyle of which people want to be a part. Our job is to tell an impactful and colorful story through these images, whether we are capturing a product like a boat or a beautiful girl wearing a Lilly dress!

The colorful and natural brand image that Lilly Pulitzer represents is a perfect match for our SKP team! (Have you seen all of our pink sparkly gear?!) Not only has this collaboration brought us to amazing influencer shoots at The Breakers, it has also given us opportunities to work with renowned brands like Cosmopolitan, Town and Country, Marie Claire, and Starbucks.

The Starbucks collaboration was extra fun for us, because I just love them! Next time you see me, ask for proof of how much I love Starbucks– a photo of my Halloween costume as the Starbucks girl! We worked with this powerful team to create images of their custom Lilly Pulitzer S’well bottles, which were of course sold out almost immediately! We were also invited capture an incredibly Lilly Pulitzer boat reveal at Seasons 52, where every attendee was wearing their favorite Lilly attire from head to toe! It’s fun to find out that past clients are fellow Lilly lovers, when we ran into our bride Dana at the event.

The two influencer shoots at The Breakers were unforgettable. Lilly handpicked amazing women with vast social media and blog followings to relax at the resort, show off tons of adorable Lilly looks, ride pink bikes, do sunrise yoga, and so much more! We had such an incredible time capturing the colorful clothing and infectious personalities of these ladies from the pool to the beach (where #Esmirelda the Flamingo made an appearance)! A special experience for all of us was meeting one of Lilly Pulitzer’s amazingly talented print designers. She understood each girl’s vision and request, and whipped up a one-of-a-kind beautiful Lilly print in minutes. Huge thanks to our influencer shoot models! Kate, Lauren, Griffin, Danielle, Thania, McKenna, and Olivia– you are inspiring and innovative women. We all were from different parts of the states, we all are from different phases in our lives and we all bonded right away. Lilly is a true multi-generational brand!

As we reflect on these unforgettable opportunities to visually tell the story of the Lilly Pulitzer brand, we cannot help but feel excited for what the future will hold with this collaboration! Thank you to the Lilly creative team for entrusting us to direct our vision and capture the Lilly Pulitzer message through our colorful lenses.

Until next time, remember that “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink!”

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