Jupiter Wedding Shoot | Erica and Steve

Jupiter Wedding Shoot | Erica and Steve

My amazing husband, Zak is always on the look out for unique photo locations. While fishing one day, Zak wandered upon this sunken sailboat and came home to tell me how cool it would be for photos! I told him it had to be the right couple, to wake up earlier than sunrise, and go on the boat with us while wearing their wedding clothes!

After photographing Erica and Steve’s wedding in New York (https://www.sarakauss.com/blog/2010/06/18/new-york-wedding-erica-and-steve/), I knew they’d be the perfect couple up for this adventure! Erica and Steve are just crazy and fun. What shocked me was how daring Erica was with her her fancy wedding dress from Kleinfeld’s. She and Steve were up on the bow of the boat or climbing in between roots of trees in their wedding attire before I could even say “go!”

Love them! And love my husband for being the boat captain and for finding this completely epic location to shoot 🙂 And I absolutely love my job.

Erica wanted to hold the fish Zak caught before he released it! So funny. And so funny that my fishing husband manages to catch fish wherever we are 🙂

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