Emily Brooke | Dance Hall {Country Music Video} directed by Sara Kauss

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Emily Brooke | Dance Hall {Country Music Video} directed by Sara Kauss

Today was one of the neatest days. It was incredible to see a collaborative vision come to life in a music video. Thank you to Emily Brooke for trusting us to make a film for you, but more importantly for letting us create a memory we will all remember for years to come! Every single person on today’s shoot was invaluable. Zak, you are the most amazing husband, supportive and excited to help however you could today! John McGall, your enthusiasm and positive energy filming throughout the day was contagious! Jeff Johnson, watching our ideas unfold through your creative camera lens was astounding. Janice and John, you are such awesome parents to Emily, you were beyond helpful today from coffee and hot chocolate all day long, to about a hundred trips back and forth to last man standing at clean up! Kevin Livingston, seriously, who brings cake pops to work for a 22hr day?! You are just wonderful, and I’m excited to have had you a huge part of the day. Shea Moore, you absolutely rocked hair and makeup! Emily looked flawless all day because of you! Jacob Strong, best lighting guy ever and so much fun! You can even light crickets. You’re awesome. Kenzie Wetz, thank you so much for your help lining up our gorgeous band! You are just wonderful and an amazing fiddle player! Thank you to my new musician friends, Zak Schumate on drums and Daniel Parks on guitar! You guys were awesome, I owe you both a couple more hot chocolates! Marcos, you are simply cool in addition to being a fabulous bass player! I can’t wait to share that super fun photo of you jumping like crazy with your guitar tonight! Jenn Bostic, I just love you, friend! Thank you, thank you for taking the time to come be a part of something special and being beyond supportive, Jenn you’re awesome.

To all our sweet extras today, to our two Madison’s and Hayley’s, Chloe, Juliana, Jordan, Jacob, Sarah and Amber! You guys stayed out late with us, on a school night and were full of excitement and energy the entire evening! Thank you, thank you!

The hugest thank you to Owen Farm. You all seriously were helpful and incredibly gracious to let us use your property. There’s no where that would’ve been more perfect and no one who would’ve been as accommodating, thank you so much!parasol production by sara-kauss

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