Dunton Hot Springs Wedding

Dunton Hot Springs Wedding | by Sara Kauss Photography

Dunton Hot Springs Wedding

Have you ever arrived somewhere and legitimately felt like you were dreaming? That is the feeling you get when pulling into the fairytale wonderland of Dunton Hot Springs. You are greeted with customer service from the sweetest humans on the planet and immediately in awe of the impeccable beauty of nature mixed and feeling of relaxation.  Your cabin is a supreme version of glamping, glam-camping!  As soon as you step on the property you will forget any worries or stress you were having, and you will simply enjoy and immediately unwind. At Dunton Hot Springs, you realize that life is about enjoying the things that matter like family, God, and special times with friends.  

Now imagine having forty of your closest friends and family enjoying those feelings right along with you! A Dunton Hot Springs wedding is the perfect venue for the destination bride looking to have a carefree celebration. Couples and guests are able to let go of all stresses that are in the world and enjoy yoga, warm campfires, and the best cocktails created by Badi that you have ever had.

I was the photographer for one of these destination wedding experiences that will go down in my little Sara Kauss history as a top experience from the moment we arrived to departing. The most wonderful celebration fabulous friends and family gathered for this Dunton Hot Springs wedding and celebrated a a fairytale weekend!  From art projects and crafted cocktails, to hiking in the woods, seeing deer and playing with the local dogs, it was a memorable weekend for all!

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Dunton Hot Springs
Lanas Shop
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