Drake White | People Of Country Music

Drake White | People Of Country Music

Drake White | People Of Country Music


Livin’ The Dream isn’t enough for this soulful, bluesy, country music, break-out artist. Drake White is being the dream for millions of people. Drake is inspiring, caring and creating so much more than music. Drake White is mastering a movement of peace, hope and love to this world.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived the dream that was as simple as hoping in an old Ford Truck with your favorite dog in the back?  Coin that in real life and you’ll live like Drake White.

To me, your happiness is not everyone’s happiness.  It’s about finding what makes you happy — what is your “Spark” and that’s what I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Drake White and discuss…that Spark… that magic… that dream that we all want, but truly if you look inside your soul and love with passion the people and life already around you you’ll find it.  You’ll find the dream — now go out and live it!

In this podcast of People Of Country Music, Drake White and I talk about turtles on fence posts, being scared as hell to jump out into the wide open world of music, and a love story between Drake and his gorgeous wife Alex, that is only a once in a lifetime kind of love. We talk about the meaning behind Drake’s newest song release (already topping charts, like XM The Highway’s number #1 spot, top 30 countdown) “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” and a few other little surprise facts you’ll want to tune in to hear.

I’m crazy excited for you to listen in / watch online as one of my great friends in country music really tells it how it is.  I’m so proud of where Drake has come in such a short amount of time. I look forward to this conversation in 10 years — mark my words, with Alex by his side, he’ll have accomplished everything he’s dreamed up (and talked about in this podcast) and helped so many lives all over the world with his positive, happy gift of music. **I have a feeling I may know what your favvvvvorite part of the podcast is 😉 but, please comment below and let me know what you think!**



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