Danica Honeycutt | Burning Heart Photo Shoot

Danica Honeycutt | Burning Heart Photo Shoot

Danica Honeycutt | Burning Heart Photo Shoot | Sara Kauss Photography

Danica Honeycutt is the next big country star! I promise. I met this sweet girl at CRS, we were both sitting in Starbucks working, she was writing, I was editing photos at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville during CRS Week. We started to chat…Danica Honeycutt | Burning Heart Photo Shoot | Sara Kauss Photography

Immediately I loved her story, that she just opened up and told me, like we’d known each other for years…She told me how she was from a small town in North Carolina, she was a school teacher and had always sang in Church. Someone told her she should come to Nashville for CRS week and get to know the industry…without even hearing her music, I was fascinated by her story and told her “we need to do a photoshoot for you! You need good images to promote you!” Then after listening to her self-made video on YouTube, I was determined to help her not only with photos, but also have her get to know some people in Nashville that could jump start her career. I think if this whole photography thing doesn’t work out, I’m definitely getting into Artist Management! Love promoting

Quickly becoming best friends we schemed on how to put together a photoshoot on an limited, zero budget 🙂  Teachers should get paid more, dang it!!  With the assistance of my country-music-loving, 12-year-old friend, Savannah, myself and Danica’s hair and make up expertise we made an amazing photoshoot happen right in my back yard, sand bar in Jupiter, Florida.

Danica also had this vision of creating a burning heart behind her…with the help of my incredibly creative husband and his father, Dave, we put together the coolest image EVER of a burning heart. The photos of this set up are comical! And, so you know how “un-photoshopped” this image actually is, I had my mother-in-law filming on my iPhone (thank you, Kathy Kauss!). You HAVE TO WATCH THIS!! Ring Of Fire Photoshoot

Cannot wait for my friend to be famous! Check out her YouTube video here and make sure to follow her on Twitter and Facebook! And check out her radio interview on WKML 95.7 here!

Lastly, a huge, gigantic thank you for my amazing graphic designer friend, Davis, www.visualwavedesign.com, for creating a logo for Danica — it’s just awesome.

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