Country Music Video | Kari and Billy {behind the scenes}

Kari and Billy | Sara Kauss Photography

Country Music Video | Kari and Billy {behind the scenes}

The art of photography is simply an extension of the photographers personality. I tell every potential client to do lots of research before choosing your photographer. Your photographer should represent you in their imagery. Are you bright, fun, colorful, carefree and candid? Or are you moody, deep, and have dark secrets? It’s an emotional connection between you, your photographer and the story being conceptually visualized.

Many of you who like my colorful, carefree imagery have mentioned I should create films, taking the perspectives, angles and emotions captured and put it to motion. But, no one has encouraged me to make their film project until now.

Kari and Billy are an amazing Country Music Artists duo ( Kari and Billy are based out of Nashville and tour the USA opening for well known country music artists as well as headlining shows of their own. We’ve worked together quite a bit now and got to know each other well through their wedding photography.

We were discussing a really neat headlining event, Kari and Billy would be performing at and they mentioned wanting me to create a film piece for them. Saying they completely trust me and know I could create something amazing for them. After an incredibly lengthily conversation and quite a few hours of technical know-how with my great friend and fabulous film maker, Mike Varel (, I set off to Dubuque, Iowa to film Kari and Billy at Diamond Jo Casino.

So here it is! Parasol Production first big project!

Excited to share with you the final piece and cannot thank Kari and Billy enough for trusting me to create something so important for them. Thank you also to Mike Varel for the hours of conversation and being such a great friend! And another huge thank you to the Chandlee family for inviting me to stay with them — that’s a whole ‘nother long story, but absolutely love them and their incredible family.

p.s. make sure to call your local radio station and request Kari and Billy’s first single to radio “Play Me A Fiddle Song.” If you like country music, you’ll absolutely love this song!parasol production by sara-kauss

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