Dwyane Wade & Laurens Kids

Dwyane Wade & Laurens Kids

What an amazing event Call of the Game is. Lauren Book-Lim created Lauren’s Kids a charity to promote awareness to adults and children about sexual abuse. Lauren was a victim of sexual abuse by a nanny and now at only 25 years old tells an amazing story of survivorship. Please click on this link and learn about Lauren’s Kids.

How I became involved. There’s a priceless value on the friendships I’ve made in this industry. One of those friendships is Timothy Beckford, a.k.a. TimCo. TimCo was asked to shoot Lauren’s Kids charity event and subsequently asked me to second with him. And that’s how I met Dwyane Wade.

Not being a huge basketball follower (I’m not the biggest sports nut you’ll ever meet, but I’m a great tailgater!) I really (and please do not scream at me sports fans…) did not know what an amazing person Dwyane Wade was. It’s kinda like my buddy Damon Tucci shooting a small personal event with about 50 people and Colbie Caillat showing up to sing. Damon really didn’t know who Colbie was!! — don’t worry, I gave him my mind about that. Long story longer…

So yeah. There’s all these really huge men walking around, I’m taking photos…etc..etc…Lauren gets to the podium and gives a moving story of her life and charity work. Then, honors D. Wade for his contributions and support of her cause. D. Wade was recognized for over 15 minutes about his contributions to intercity communities and children and families in need. It was like one amazing story after another between Lauren and Dwyane. All I can say is thank god for my camera! It’s a great cover for watery eyes 😉

All in all — I feel blessed to have the family and friends I have. Fortunate to have had a great childhood and amazing husband in my life now. And feel more aware of things I need to do to help make a difference. These people are inspiring and make you want to do something GREAT. Please check out both Lauren and Dwyane’s charities and if not theirs, find out how you can give back in your little world to help make someone else’s amazing.

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