Bath and Tennis Club Wedding | Kea and Tom

Bath and Tennis Club Wedding | Kea and Tom

Kea and Tom. It has been nothing but fun, getting to know these two wonderful people. When I met Kea and her Mom at Starbucks over a year ago, we immediately hit it off! We talked about Kea and Tom’s wedding, how they met in college, the great times they’ve had together and planned their New York City engagement session.

It was in NYC that I met the sarcastic, warm-hearted, hubby-to-be, Tom. ( Florida is a destination wedding hot-spot for our Northern friends. And I’m so glad it is! Being from Minnesota, I swear, some of my favorite people come from those upper states 🙂 Maybe I’m biased! But, it’s true!

Their wedding day…could not have been more perfect. Every detail planned by Kea was creative, clean and beautiful! Tom gave the most genuine toast to his bride to be during the reception that I will try to rephrase, summing up all of Kea’s hard work and love for the details of her wedding day…Tom said, Kea worked hours into the night, while working on her Master’s degree planning her wedding day for everyone else. Kea wanted her guests to have a day they would remember and she worked tirelessly to make that a reality. Tom gave his new bride all the credit for their wedding day and told her how he realized that although he didn’t understand till their wedding day really why she was focusing on this day so much, he realized today [their wedding day] that she did all of it for him too, and he loved her so much for it. I’m hoping I didn’t botch up Tom’s eloquent speech too much! The summary I took away is these are two amazing people, with incredibly nice family and friends that were there on April 21st. It was an honor to be their chosen photographer and I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know them! Thank you also, to Carrie and Alyssa for making their wedding day photographs wonderful!

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