Celebrity Dogs and Their People

Maple & Writer and Alex & Drake White

Just like every “man’s best friend” does, Writer the Golden Retriever and Maple the Boykin Spaniel have been right there to support Alex and Drake through it all.

If you’re walking along a fence and spot a turtle sitting atop a fencepost, you know it didn’t get there by itself.” This is a saying I’ve heard Drake White say a few times and it has really ‘stuck’ with me (pun intended).  That turtle didn’t get up there all by itself or on accident, it got up there because somebody gave it a purpose.  Maybe that purpose is to rise above, to find gratitude in the season we are in and to know that we all need a little help from our friends sometimes to lift us up.  I have known Drake White, his beautiful wife Alex, and their pups, Writer and Maple, for quite a few years now and have been inspired by the passion they share for each other and the energy they bring to the world. And just like every “man’s best friend” does, Writer the Golden Retriever, Writer and Maple the Cocker Spaniel have been right there to support both Drake and Alex through it all.  Let me share with you their story from our recent interview.  


What is the story of bringing home Writer and Maple?

Writer:  My dad did a lot of research on finding me. He was determined that I would be the most perfect duck hunting dog.  When I was just a little pup, I was given lots of instructions on how to stay focused on the birds and be a “hunting man’s best friend.” I think I really did a great job learning, mostly I just wanted to please my pops.  Now, as I’ve grown up a bit, I have to tell you that really the most important thing to me is just loving on people. I like the ducks too, but people are my favorite.  Also, I have a very prestigious full name William Charlie Songwriter the Third. Humans just like to call me Writer, but when Maple and I chat, we call each other by our full names.    

Maple: When Drake is on the road singing his music, Alex wanted another pup to hang out with and easily travel with her when she was also on the go.  Historically a water-dog, and like Writer, have it in me to also chase around animals in the woods.  But, really I just love carrots, humans, my people and food.  I did go to obedience school like Writer, so we sometimes talk about that, I can relate. 
What has this season been like at home with Writer and Maple?  

Drake White: “I think they’re living their best life during this quarantine because they are right there when we get up in the morning.  It’s comforting to have them.”
Alex: “They love sitting on the porch with us.”

It is very evident that these pups love their people.  We go on to chat about how great dogs are at being available for you when you need them.  I know that we are all going through a tough seasons, but I would like to take a psychological pole on those who have dogs are probably fairing the storm just a little bit better than those without.  

Maple: “My job has been to be a protector of the house.  Writer is really too chill to take on that responsibility.  Writer is more like protector of the heart.  Well, that’s my job too, but I like to think that I bring the party and Writer brings the creativity, hence our names, of course.” 


What is one thing that you think will change in your life after this season of being paused? 

I really liked Drake White’s response. “I think just the being present.  Whether it be going to Edly’s to have BBQ one night and instead of being lazy and saying ‘no I think we’re going to stay in tonight,’ which we all need, but I think we’ll go out [now, since the Covid 19 pause.]  We’ll go to friend nights that most of the time we’d be like ‘Let’s just stay in’, we’ll appreciate that time with our friends and fellowshiping.”

We went on to chat about how the concerts that Drake White performs will be a thousand times more appreciated and the events that Whitewood Hollow hosts will be so much more valued.  I’ve known these great people, Drake and Alex White, for quite some time and the social part of them has been evident from the beginning of our friendship.  When you’re wired as hard core as they are to be social, our world’s turn of events is really impactful on social humans like the Whites.  

Writer and Maple chime in here too.

Writer:  “Something that we’ve both really wanted to change in our life is time with our people.  We like to have guests come stay at the house with us when Drake and Alex are on the road, but this time has made us realize how much we love QT with them.  Waking up next to our people and drinking coffee on the porch with them every morning has definitely been the highlight of our lives.”
Maple: “I agree with all of that and I would like to add how amazing breakfast has been in the morning. In the past it wasn’t always enjoyed as thoroughly.  [Maple looks off in the distance like she’s remembering the morning] Mmmm, I love breakfast.”  


Writer, if you could’ve written one song of Drake White’s in his album which would it have been?
“Definitely, ‘Livin’ the Dream’.  I actually was a co-writer on that song, adding the line, ‘Old Ford Truck with a dog in the back, now ain’t we living the dream.’  Have you seen the music video?  It’s basically me, Writer, as the star of the video.  I remember having to work a couple of really long hours that day we filmed it, but catering gave me lots of treats.  Being in Drake White’s music videos is basically now my favorite thing ever.” 

Maple: “ I was definitely part of a song on Drake White’s new album, ‘Stars’. I basically live, love, laugh, eat, drink and dream. I also really like the groove of ‘Mix ‘Em With Whiskey’ and my name, Maple.” 

Alex White: “They played Drake’s song on The Highway and Maple jumped in the car to be with Drake because she follows him everywhere and worships the ground he walks on. So, she hops in the car so she can sit there in between us and listen.” 


Writer, you just had a birthday on April 20th!

Writer: “Yes, I did, Sara!  And it was so fun to have my folks here to celebrate with me.  Birthdays are really special because I think they mark a restart point in time.  If you think about it from a philosophical perspective, we all are given a very special, particular day to us that is a new beginning to look back on our past life years lived, look forward to new experiences that haven’t happened yet, and be appreciative of the present that is now in front of us.” Writer is a deep thinker. 


How do the pups feel about your events at Whitewood Hollow?
Whitewood Hollow is Alex and Drake White’s neat country event venue that houses Alex’s catering company, Milk and Honey, and everything from Drake White concerts to weddings to Bible Studies.

Writer: “I am sure to always make an appearance when guests arrive at Whitewood Hollow for an event.  Really, Maple and I know that they are all just coming to see us.  We’ve actually been told that specifically by a few people. ‘Aw, Writer, you are just the sweetest Golden Retriever’ is common to hear.  I make sure to introduce myself to everyone at the party, so you could say I’m a social butterfly of sorts.  Of course, I’m a dog, but that’s just what they say sometimes for people who like to make sure everyone knows them at the party, like me.” 

Maple: “What I love most about Whitewood Hollow events, next to the amazing amount of humans that visit, is the cooking that happens!  And eating.  Maybe it’s because I’m named after the sugary sweet syrup that goes on pancakes and in fancy whiskey drinks, but I LOVE food.  Like lots.  I like people food, specifically sandwiches.  Alex White has a catering kitchen at Whitewood Hollow that I’m not allowed in, but what comes OUT of the kitchen is pure heaven.  During events, those little bits of heaven get dropped, unattended on plates, and even floating around at my eye level in little kids hands.

About The Project

Have you ever heard the theory that dogs resemble their owners in personality and some physical attributes too?  I’ve been told many times it is not a coincidence that I have two Golden Retrievers.  I do my best to maintain my blonde hair, and if you’ve ever met me in real life, I am so giddy to see you that my entire body wiggles with excitement and my smile is from nose to ears just because I’m with you.  I am content just being talked to and if you tell me you have a treat for me (i.e. Starbucks) I’ll basically stay and sit for as long as you ask me to.  Like my Golden Retrievers, I am easily distracted by shiny, sparkly things relatable to squirrels and tennis balls.  Some might also say that my happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows spirit superseeds deep-rooted intelligence.  I’m not a Poodle!  The characteristics of me are Golden Retriever through and through.    
With that in mind, how uniquely creative must the dogs that have owners in the field of music or other arts be?  
I’m here to tell the story of dogs and their artist owners. Tell the story of what happens in the day-to-day real life of living with a musician.  What little quirks really are happening from the “dog’s’” perspective? What things does the pup actually feel about his People and similarities and characteristics that are “bred” into the owners and pups alike? 
What about the dogs that “choose us” – the rescue dogs that needed to be just loved on.  Do we seek out a specific dog breed because we know it will fit our personality and lifestyle as a creative? I’m coming to you as a photographer to capture the essence of your pup in your world from the dog’s perspective and yours as a creative.   
My purpose of sharing these stories with you is to create content for the musicians and creatives who are in need of ways to share their world from their homes. 


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