Celebrity Dogs and Their People

Cuppy and Cassadee Pope

“Check one, two, check one two.  Is this thing on? I’m coming on stage strutting my little black and white butt. Of course I won’t be able to belt the big notes like my powerhouse mom does but I have a dynamic vocal range with my bark. I am Cuppy, Cassadee Pope‘s puppy.“


(No animals were harmed in the making of this interview recording but some did talk, and quite fluently.)

Cassadee, congratulations on your album Rise and Shine coming out on August 7th!  

Cuppy: “Yes!  So here’s the thing.  Cassadee Pope is actually the best singer in the entire world.  And great singers like my mom are always rising to the top and bringing sunshine to dogs and humans alike. So, when Cassadee was talking to me about the name of the album, I said, ‘I think it should be Rise and Shine’ and of course, because I’m the smartest pup in the world, that’s what she called it.” 

Cuppy, what’s your favorite song on the album coming out on August 7th? 

Cuppy: “I like them all. Seriously, each song has a different feeling and that’s whats great about Cassadee Pope’s music. You hear a story in one song, you get a cuddly feeling in another song, and you want to conquer the world in another song.  Empowerment, light and love is where it’s all at!” 


Now about, Cuppy…  

Cassadee, how did you decide on a French Bull Dog?

“I was pretty adamant about getting a French Bull Dog. I had researched and researched rescue places. Anytime I came across a French Bull Dog it would be gone.  I really just couldn’t wait any longer and the curiosity in me started searching for French Bull Dog breeders.  I found one that breeds show-dog French Bull Dogs and liked how healthy the dogs she bred was.”  Cassedee went on to connect with this breeder and the beginning of Cuppy and Cassadee was started.

Cuppy, what was it like when your mom held you for the first time?

“There’s something about true love that I never knew existed until my mom, Cassadee, held me for the first time.  At first I was nervous because I didn’t know what it was going to feel like to leave my pack.  But, as soon as Cassadee held onto me, I felt so comfortable in her arms, I just purred like a kitten.  Okay, maybe not a kitten, I know I’m a dog, but I’ve heard cats purr on YouTube and that noise pretty much sums up the noise I was making.  I knew at that moment, Cassadee was mine forever.  It was purrrfect.  Maybe don’t tell that part of the story though, Sara, because I don’t want people going around thinking I’m a cat.”

Cassadee, what was it like holding Cuppy for the first time?

“Cuppy fell asleep holding on to me for the first time. I just lost my mind, I started crying. This is my baby.” It was after Christmas before Cassadee could bring Cuppy home and, as soon as she was able to, their bond was instant and inseparable.

Cuppy, what do you think of your name?

“So, heres the thing about my name. I am a grumpy-faced, chunky-bod, Frenchie. When Cassadee was adding ‘-py’ to the end of words, just to be silly, she landed on “Cuppy” and she bust out laughing.  At first my thought was, ‘That sure isn’t tough enough for me.’  I have bull dog in my name, it needs to be tougher!  But, Cuppy it was. Now I feel like I’ve grown into it. My look is fierce even though my name might be on the cuter side. I like to consider myself a soft-hearted, tough guy and think my name represents that really well.”

Cassadee, what is a similar characteristics in Cuppy that you see in you? 

“Cuppy and I are similar in that we both are affectionate and need affection from our loved ones to be happy.”  Compassion and comfort are top priorities of Cassadee Pope and her pup.  I would affirm that after our photoshoot, Cuppy was definitely curious of my camera and wanted to simply love up on me while I was taking his photos!  If Cuppy had a sleeve, he would wear his heart on it, just the same way I know Cassadee wears her heart on hers.

Cuppy, what would you say is your favorite activity with Cassadee?

“Soaking up the sun is definitely the ultimate pastime with Cassadee. If you look really closely at my mug, you’ll even see a few extra freckles, like my mom gets after laying out with her for hours. Sunshine and a good book is definitely my favorite. My mom reads the printed words and I look at the pictures.”

What’s it like to be doing so much living at home during this time? 

Cuppy: “I’ve been enjoying being a part of a new project Cassadee is working on!  I’ve been a co-writer, content creator, cuddler and the perfect pup companion. I’ve basically been an angel in quarantine that Cassadee needed.”

Cassadee: “I left one time. And he pooped on the bathroom mat.” Maybe he was trying to make it to the toilet?

Why do you poop in the house if your mom is out for more than a few hours?  

Cuppy: “Here’s the thing. Angry poop is not something that I can actually control.  It’s like an automatic anger-release-mechanism that comes out in the house if something makes me feel left out or sad, I poop.  For example, I am full of love for everyone and most especially love for Cassadee, but I get angry when she decides to leave the house without me. Why would she think that’s okay? And then, out of no where, comes this urge to poop. It’s really out of my control, Sara, I know it’s something I need to work on. Anger-poop management.”

What is something you both have learned about each other? 

Cuppy: “ I think this season has really helped Cassadee understand and appreciate the soul of who I am. I am actually such a deep soul with a lot of understanding. I think Cassadee just viewed me as a ‘cuddly companion’ before we were forced to spend so many hours together.  Now, she views me as the intellectual dog-being that I actually am. So, thank you for that question, Sara. I think that this has changed the way I look at life and Cassadee looks at me.”

Cassadee: “Since there’s so many less distractions, we’ll look into each others eyes and I’ll just pet his face and he’ll just stare into my eyes. Maybe he knew how much I loved him before, but maybe he feels it more now.”

What’s new and upcoming, Cassadee? 

Cassadee:  “I have been doing Zoom writing sessions for my next full-band project. Those have taken some getting used to but they’ve actually been amazing and I’m really excited about the outcome.”  Cassadee goes on to chat about how Cuppy is in the writing room with her when she’s on Zoom calls and has to occasionally be adjusted due to snoring.

Cuppy: “I have also been writing with Cassadee for her new projects. There’s a comfy couch in her writing room that I get cozy on while Cassadee is on her Zoom writes. Sometimes I snore when I sleep, so there’s that. But, I think the other writers on the Zoom call actually like the creativity of my noises.”

Anything else you’d like to share with your fans? 

Cuppy: “My mom, Cassadee Pope is a real special, talented person. I am lucky she picked me to be hers forever. I think you all should go listen to Cassadee Pope on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Facebook, and wherever music lives. Remember that it’s not the size of the dog that matters, it’s the amount of love they fill up in your heart.”

Cassadee:  “Be on the lookout for Rise and Shine coming out August 7th!”


Thank you for sharing your story, Cassadee and Cuppy. I’ve loved learning about this Celebrity Dog and Their People.

About The Project

Have you ever heard the theory that dogs resemble their owners in personality and some physical attributes too?  I’ve been told many times it is not a coincidence that I have two Golden Retrievers.  I do my best to maintain my blonde hair, and if you’ve ever met me in real life, I am so giddy to see you that my entire body wiggles with excitement and my smile is from nose to ears just because I’m with you.  I am content just being talked to and if you tell me you have a treat for me (i.e. Starbucks) I’ll basically stay and sit for as long as you ask me to.  Like my Golden Retrievers, I am easily distracted by shiny, sparkly things relatable to squirrels and tennis balls.  Some might also say that my happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows spirit superseeds deep-rooted intelligence.  I’m not a Poodle!  The characteristics of me are Golden Retriever through and through.    
With that in mind, how uniquely creative must the dogs that have owners in the field of music or other arts be?  
I’m here to tell the story of dogs and their artist owners. Tell the story of what happens in the day-to-day real life of living with a musician.  What little quirks really are happening from the “dog’s’” perspective? What things does the pup actually feel about his People and similarities and characteristics that are “bred” into the owners and pups alike? 
What about the dogs that “choose us” – the rescue dogs that needed to be just loved on.  Do we seek out a specific dog breed because we know it will fit our personality and lifestyle as a creative? I’m coming to you as a photographer to capture the essence of your pup in your world from the dog’s perspective and yours as a creative.   
My purpose of sharing these stories with you is to create content for the musicians and creatives who are in need of ways to share their world from their homes. 


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